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Constable Jordan Ross
Because The Right To Representation Matters


The Laughlin Constable's Office is the Civil Enforcement Agency for the Township of Laughlin. Responsible for the service in civil cases of subpoenas, evictions, summons, property liens, vehicle registration enforcement, and wage and bank garnishments, the Constable's Office is one that requires both efficiency and good management skills as well as compassion and respect for the dignity of those of our fellow citizens who have fallen on difficult times and the ability to recognize when referral to the appropriate community agencies is needed.

When i first ran for office in 2010, it was also the last public non-judicial office in Laughlin that our citizens can vote for without their vote being cast aside by remote politicians in Las Vegas, making it the only legitimately elected local voice for the people of our township. As we go into the 2016 elections I look forward to an elected Town Advisory Board. As Constable of Laughlin I am and always will be, available to my constiuents as their Public Advocate on all issues of public policy, federal, state and local.

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